Young (Muslim) man from Minnesota Identified as Homicide Bomber in Somalia Attack

MOGADISHU, Somalia — The voice in the recording sounds unmistakably familiar — the tenor, the colloquialisms — a boy who grew up in America.

The voice on a suicide message is said to be that of Abdisalan Hussein Ali, a Somali-American who joined the Shabab rebels.

The recording was a suicide message, posted online on Sunday by an Islamist militia aligned with Al Qaeda. The voice was said to be that of Abdisalan Hussein Ali, 22, who was born in Somalia but spent his formative years in Minneapolis.

His life appeared to have come full circle here on Saturday, when he is said to have blown himself up in an attack on African Union troops in Mogadishu. He would be the third American known to become a suicide bomber for Somalia’s Shabab rebels.

Those nice Minnesota folks have no idea what they have invited in to their neighborhoods. This is what makes America vulnerable to the creeping influence of Islam in the US: gullible ignorance of the very real threat. At this point the numbers in the US are not large enough so attacks are exported, once the numbers build, mark my words, Americans will see followers of Islam pushing for more and more concessions to Islamic sensibilities, working relentlessly to impose Sharia in more and more ways in American culture.

Being nice will not protect you. Islam does not respect “nice”, it exploits it as a weakness. Eventually even Minnesotans will figure this out.

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