Pat Condell’s suggestion: Why not consider the Halloween Burka?

“It just goes to show, there’s good to be found in everything, if you look for it – even in something as disgusting, degrading and dehumanizing as the Islamic shroud of cowardly male misogyny and oppression.

And by the way, I hope I didn’t offend any Western feminists with that remark. I know how touchy some of you girls can get when anyone criticizes Islamic male supremacism.

…I think Western society would be culturally enriched, for a change, if everyone went around in a burka on Halloween. I think it would certainly help to lighten the rather creepy and sinister image of this alien garment if we took the annual opportunity that Halloween affords to openly mock and ridicule it as the clownish symbol of male stupidity and inadequacy it really is.

And that would inevitably lead to greater mutual understanding, which is something I think we all want – and who knows, it might even persuade extremist Muslims to laugh at themselves.

Well, there’s a first time for everything, and why not? After all, everyone else is laughing at them, and surely it would be divisive and drive a wedge between communities if they were to exclude themselves from all the fun, just because they’ve got no sense of humor.”

– Pat Condell

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