Why are Muslim organizations planning a rally in NYC against congressional hearing on Muslims’ role in homegrown terrorism?

“The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee says affiliates of al-Qaida are radicalizing some American Muslims and that he plans to hold hearings on the threat they pose to the U.S.

Republican congressman Peter King of New York told CNN’s “State of the Union” that he sees an international movement with elements in the United States of Muslims becoming more radical and identifying with terrorists.”


But guess what? Muslim and “interfaith” groups are organizing a protest against these hearings. Why? The study is to identify extremist Islamic threats. Why would “peace-loving” Muslims object to that?

Or are they trying to stifle any objection to Islam, to suppress any criticism of Islam as a way of enforcing Sharia on Americans? Sharia does not allow anyone to criticize Islam or its prophet, if Muslims can succeed in shouting down any objection, they have succeeded in imposing Sharia law in one small way. The strategy is to keep pushing and pushing, gaining ground little by little over weak, corrupt Americans.

More about the “rally”:


Comments, responses to this article:

“This is why American Muslims will never earn any respect as a peace loving religion.

Rather than protesting this, American Muslims should be openly and actively supporting the investigation since, after all, it’s intention is to locate, isolate and expose the fringe extremist elements that are using that religion to deliver terrorism, hate and murder on its behalf.

This would be the equivalent of Catholics protesting an investigation of child molestation in the Church heirarchy. That never happened. Catholics want the pedophiles exposed and removed from their religion, since their actions tarnish the entire faith.

Muslims joining in this protest are effectively PROVING they support the extremist elements, and they share in their messages of hatred and murder.”
– MissDeviant


“So now the liberals are telling us it is “wrong to single out a religious minority”, even when that minority is responsible for most of the terrorism in the world?

I don’t think so.

The Islamic religion is intolerant of other religions and advocates the use of lies and violence to spread itself; some of its followers indiscriminately kill and maim innocent men, women and children in pursuit of this goal and to impose their political will on others.

Our responsibility to protect ourselves takes precedence over any insane liberal notion that we are obligated to ignore the role of Islam in terrorism.

Muslims not directly involved in the violence are complicit in their silence; why are they not publicly condemning and helping to bring the terrorists to judgment?

When Muslims put their civic responsibilities to our society ahead of their faith-based solidarity with terrorists, they’ll have a legitimate claim to the protections our society offers.

Until then, we must do whatever it takes to protect ourselves from them”
– Sapient

“…we have friends who are of the Muslim faith, and their are many Muslims who have adapted to the American way of life and are honorable loyal people.

They came here to escape the madness of their own countries, not to come here just to see America slip slide into the miasma they escaped.”


“…look at what has been going on in Spain, Germany, France, England etc. etc.

They [Islamists] are destroying these countries’ culture, they impose their beliefs on these governments and have no intention of changing their 13th century beliefs and attitudes.

They insist those countries change their laws and beliefs for them.”

– Risk

“This country has to stop worrying about hurting people’s feelings and start taking strong stands against what is wrong with our country.

We have too much to lose by remaining silent.”


“If we Americans never learn anything else, to survive, we must learn once and for all that one cannot compromise with evil.

Sorry folks, Islam is evil.”
– William

“What part of KILL the INFIDELS do people not get?”
– mark

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