Evidently this trusted Police Officer was a Muslim first and a Police Officer second.

Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, a man identified as a guard of governor of Punjab province Salman Taseer, is photographed after being detained at the site of Taseer's shooting in Islamabad

How do you know which follower of Islam will turn on you and kill you?

Here’s how you know: when they turn on you and kill you.

Then you’ll know. Until then, you’ll have no idea. It might be one in one hundred, one in one thousand, one in ten thousand. You won’t know until they decide to act. And yet the mainstream media scratches their heads and says, “Why are Americans so filled with hate for all Muslims?”

We’re not. I’m not filled with hate, are you? I’m concerned, yes, I see a serious threat, yes. But I, like most Americans, don’t hate just because someone has a different religion or speaks a different language. (Ironically, many Muslims do hate those who are different: hence the strikes and riots in Pakistan over “Blasphemy Laws” which are at their core attempts to make any disagreement with Islam punishable by law).

We don’t hate people just because they’re different. Americans by and large are open and friendly and willing to give people a chance. We don’t “hate all Muslims” but we’re not blind idiots, either: we have  simply have seen too many followers of Islam act in hateful, violent ways to believe that everything is rosy, Islam is the religion of Peace, there’s nothing to worry about.

Three things for certain:

1. By a huge, vast, majority most Muslims on the planet are not killers.

2. You never know which Muslims will take the teachings of the Koran literally and decide that to be a true, dedicated Muslim they need to kill infidels.

3. The threat is not imaginary. It’s not a phobia. The fear that exists is not based on race or culture: it’s based on being witness to a long track record of violence and hatred.

This story from ABC News International:

“When he got to work this morning, police officer Mumtaz Qadri asked to be assigned to the Governor of Punjab’s security detail. Qadri was a member of Punjab’s elite police force, he had guarded the Governor before, and he got the assignment he was looking for.

As Governor Salman Taseer made a morning visit to the popular and upscale Khosar Market in the capital, Islamabad, Qadri was the lead security guard. The governor had a meal at one of the market’s restaurants, and was getting into his car when Mumtaz Qadri turned and opened fire, at close range, on the man he was supposed to have been protecting.

Gov. Taseer and his family lived a Western lifestyle, and he recently advocated changing Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, which call for a mandatory death sentence for anyone convicted of insulting Islam.

Today Qadri, Taseer’s killer, told police he had decided on the assassination three days ago, and was proud to have killed “a blasphemer,” according to investigators.

Salman Taseer died almost instantly. Hospital officials say they found nine bullets in the Governor’s corpse.”


To all those who wonder why moderate Muslims do not speak out more, perhaps this is why: those who speak out are killed. Those who “stray” into moderate paths are deemed apostate and killed.
As a moderate Muslim, who is going to have the courage to speak out when it clearly means risking death for themselves and their families? Anyone who does will be threatened with death or actually killed.

Please tell me: why would we want more of this in our nation? Why would we want more mosques built to spread this teaching? Why would we invite more people who think this way to live among us?

Are we supposed to let this cancer grow just because naive, idealistic people think that “religious freedom” requires it? The people on TV who whine or pontificate about this are the same ones who attack church and religion like pitbulls. They insult religion almost daily. Where is their respect for the religion that is already here? They mock it.

Why don’t they mock Islam?
Because they don’t want to be murdered for insulting Islam.

The more Islam grows the greater the danger to our citizens, and the less freedom we have.

Do you feel free to insult, criticize or mock Islam publicly? Or does it feel safer to just be quiet? If so, guess what? You have just submitted to Sharia Law, which does not allow any criticism of or insult to Islam. You do not have that freedom to speak up.

And no, no, NO, this does not mean I am “filled with hate for all Muslims”.

I do not hate anyone.I don’t hate any Muslims. I hate violent attacks, I hate powerful people hurting and killing weak, innocent, peaceful people (no matter what flag or “holy” book is used to justify it). I hate it when people act like bullies. I hate it when people act arrogantly, as if their way were the only way, and use force to cajole or frighten others into submission.

It just so happens that the teachings of the Koran and those who follow it strictly and fully inspire those kinds of actions in enough people that it is a very real problem and a very real threat. (one that a Muslim version of the Bill Cosby show is not going to fix!)

I simply do not want this bigoted, violent, hateful teaching to grow in influence and power in our country. We have enough trouble as it is, without inviting more. When you see a continual pattern of betrayal, it’s foolish to blindly continue trusting in empty words.

The nature of the religious/socio/political structure of Islam is that it calls for supreme loyalty to Islam, over any other allegiance. So how can we trust Muslim immigrants who pledge allegiance as American citizens? We can’t. We saw that with the Fort Hood massacre.

The more “harmless” “peaceful” “moderate” Muslims we have living among us, the easier it will be for those who want to pull us down and destroy us to hide among them until they are ready to strike. The problem is not the people, it is the toxic ideology that is being taught to people.

I don’t know what the answer is. Do you? I don’t think the answer is to lash out in fear or revenge, I know that hate is not the answer, but I also don’t think the answer is to ignore the problem or to shout down or shame anyone who speaks up about the problem.

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