Fort Hood Killer: “Muslim first and and American second”

“He would frequently say that he was a Muslim first and and American second.”

I wonder how many other Muslims in the US feel this way? I don’t know – do you? Are we being “Islamophobic” to be concerned about that? Is it a phobia, an irrational, disabling fear – a mental disorder? Or is it a pretty reasonable response to a very dangerous and nebulous buy real threat?

One of his co-workers says, “We questioned how somebody could take an oath of office be an officer in the military and swear allegiance to the Constitution and to defend America against all enemies foreign and domestic, and have that type of conflict.”

How could he take that oath? Easy. It is a lie to an infidel nation and had absolutely no significance to him. Just another example of taqiyya, the freedom to lie to non-Muslims when it is expedient or furthers the cause of Islam. How many times does this have to happen before we start to get it?

Muslim first and and American second. That is a ticking time bomb – and we have them building mosques all over our country.

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