Pew Center Poll of Muslims in America

Muslim Fifth Column Polled
by Brenda Walker

“The Pew Center released a poll yesterday about Muslims residing in this country … numerous findings are disturbing and should hopefully nudge more Americans into consciousness about the threat brought by unrealistic policies of admittance, particularly since Muslim immigration is increasing.

Elites love to imagine that America does immigration better than other places and infer therefore that we have nothing to fear from Muslims in our midst. That idea is a dangerous arrogance, which this poll clarifies.

It is true that in comparison to the Sons of Allah in Europe and Britain, Muslims residing in America are more assimilated in terms of making a decent living and attaining upward mobility. However, there is still a nasty bit who believe we infidels deserve rough treatment as required by the Prophet.

“An alarming 26% — or roughly 100,000 — of younger U.S. Muslims say suicide bombings against non-Muslim “civilian targets” are cool.”

That’s really not any more comforting than the 35% of young Muslim Brits who told Pew the same thing after some of them bombed the London subway, killing 52 civilians and wounding another 700 or so.

A few points:

* Of Muslims residing in America, 65 percent are foreign born (page 1 of the downloadable PDF report).

* Only 28 percent consider themselves Americans first; 47 percent have their primary identity in being Muslim (pg 31).

* Among those who identify as Muslims first, 13 percent believe suicide bombing is justified to protect Islam from infidels (page 32).

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