Who is responsible? Demonstration against Koran-burning plan turns deadly in Afghanistan

“Two people were killed and about half a dozen others injured in continuing protests Sunday against an American pastor’s plan — suspended two days earlier — to burn copies of the Muslim holy book.

Violence stemming from the now-defunct threat by a heretofore little-known pastor, Terry Jones, illustrated the depth of outrage inspired in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world over his church’s declared intent to desecrate the Koran to mark the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.”


So the “depth of outrage” was “inspired” by the intent of a church to desecrate the Koran?

No, no, no – the “depth of outrage” was inspired by the violent, intolerant teachings of Islam – and the imams in Afghanistan who whipped these crowds into a religious frenzy over reports of the foolish, ill-conceived actions of a small church in Florida.

Who is going to call these imams into account for what they have incited? When the US military burned Bibles due to pressure from Muslim leaders and threats of violence, did Baptist, Lutheran and Catholic church leaders call for their followers to riot in the streets?

The Florida pastor is guilty of being foolish – but the guilt for these deaths does not fall on him. It falls on the leaders of Afghanistan who, rather than saying, “Look, it’s nothing, we are mature enough to overlook the stupid insults of a narrow-minded infidel”, stirred up a storm of religious indignation and exhorted people to react violently.

Hey, media watchdogs, journalists: where is the criticism of these imams? Where is the outcry against their inflammatory speeches, violent rhetoric that led to people being killed? The media is silent. Why? Because they are afraid of that same violence being directed at them if they dare speak up.

The imams used this incident as a way to intimidate non-Muslims: to send the message, “Comply with our standards, do not dare to show any disrespect to our religion, submit, or we will become violent.”

It is extortion using threats of violence and it offends me. And yet, I will not respond by burning things or shouting or stirring up riots.

See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? That’s how you do it, Islam.

Any other religion, Any Other Religion, would have responded to a book-burning provocation with indignation or anger but not with violence. This, exactly this, is why Islam is not “just another religion” and does not deserve to be treated with the respect and tolerance granted to other religions – because it is not worthy of respect and it has demonstrated this over and over and over again.

Ironically, it is a perfect illustration of exactly why Americans do not want this “religion” in their towns.

Islam lies dormant when the numbers are small, when it does not have the power or leverage to force its ways upon a culture. But when the numbers grow, then mobs appear on the street and politicians, (being the spineless self-serving cowards all too many of them are) let themselves be bullied into making decisions in compliance with the demands of Islam.

And so, when we don’t object, when we let ourselves be intimidated into not speaking up, Sharia Law gains a tighter grip on the US – because Sharia Law says that you do not speak out against Islam. If they can shut us up by making us afraid to say what is true, by that very act they are implementing Sharia Law – against our will. We demonstrate by our submission that Islam is correct in its assertion that it is stronger than any other religion and rightfully deserves to dominate them all.

Everyone gripes about the stupidity of the pastor in Florida. Yet no one said a word when religious leaders in the US, though they were unhappy about it, accepted peacefully the burning of their holy books. No one in the media did a story on their peaceful reaction, no one said, “My, look at the tolerant and peaceful way these American religious leaders handled this inflammatory incident.”

Why not? Because we expect a reasonable, or at least non-violent response from religious leaders in America. But we expect violent reactions from Islam.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?

Is this really something you want growing in the US?

If Islam wishes to participate in the civilized world, it is time for them to change, or perhaps what the civilized world needs to do is this: every place where Islam has a stranglehold needs to be quarantined, kept away from civilized people, just as any other poisonous, toxic virulent infection is quarantined.

We certainly do not want any more of it in the US, and it is time to stop being shy about it, stop being afraid to say what you’re thinking for fear of being labeled a xenophobe or Islamophobe.

We don’t let any more in, and we encourage those already here to consider returning home.

Everyone is tip-toeing around, afraid to speak up for fear of “inciting violence” – it is every bit as pathetic and tragic as when an abused woman cringes in the corner, afraid to say anything because she doesn’t want to “upset” her violently abusive husband, and then blames herself when he does beat her up.

“It’s my fault, really, I upset him. I never should have asked him not to throw beer cans on the carpet.”

Stop excusing the behavior of those who follow Islam. Stop accepting unacceptable behavior and teaching. It is not our responsibility to tip-toe around for fear of “inciting” the Muslims.

The responsibility of those who follow Islam is to put up or shut up: if you are a religion of tolerance and peace, show us tolerant and peaceful actions.

Otherwise Islam only confirms just how toxic and dangerous its ideology is – and we don’t care if you slap a “Religion” label on it, we do not want it, and it is time to stop accepting this kind of behavior.

If one kid insults another kid, we do not let the offended one beat the insulter to a bloody pulp. That is not acceptable. We expect better behavior than that from our children and it is time we expected – demanded – better behavior than that from the followers of Islam.

OK, you don’t like it that somebody threatened to burn your holy book – there are proper ways to respond to that. Rioting in the streets is not one of them.

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