Afghan driver kills 2 Spanish Nato trainers he worked with for 5 months

“Two Spanish police trainers and their interpreter have died in Afghanistan after being shot by their driver.

The driver opened fire while the trainers were teaching a class in Badghis province in western Afghanistan. Other officers then killed the driver.

Spanish authorities said the driver had been working with their trainers for around five months.

“I can’t say if the Taliban were behind this or not. But what is clear is that it was a premeditated attack,” said Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, the Spanish interior minister. “The person who opened fire knew exactly what he was doing.”

Jack: This highlights a key problem in working with Muslims – how do you know? It’s clear what their holy book teaches on how to treat non-Muslims. How do you know when they are one of the “moderate” Muslims and when they are just waiting for the right opportunity to shoot you?

Answer: you don’t. Until they shoot you. Remember Fort Hood?

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