Narrow-minded Pastor Bill Keller knows “the Truth” and wants to save Muslims.

“The fight over a proposed mosque near Ground Zero veered into fire-and-brimstone territory Sunday as a Florida preacher declared that Muslims will burn in hell.

“Muslims are going to hell, we need to save them,” said pastor Bill Keller to a crowd of about 40 people at the New York Marriott Downtown, which overlooks Ground Zero.

Keller says he is raising funds to create a permanent 9/11 Christian Center to counter what he calls the “victory mosque,” a few blocks from the site.

“Islam is not and has never been a religion of peace,” he said. “How could you build bridges with people who ask their Muslim brothers to fly a plane into the Twin Towers and killed thousands of innocent people.”

Sparing no other faith the rod, Keller blasted Mormons, Hindus, pro-choice supporters and gays.”

“All we’re trying to do is teach people the only truth there is,” he said, “Forty years ago, no one would call me controversial,” he said. pontificating about … “the only truth there is.”

Who is qualified to make that kind of a statement? Based on what? Their particular ancient writing?

I’m also tired of one religious group bashing other religious groups. I understand atheists who sigh and wish they all would just be quiet.

There is one important distinction, though, before you make the “all religions are the same” mistake.

As far off the mark as Keller is, and though the writer of this article chose to focus on Keller’s assertion that Muslims are bound for hell, the reporter quietly passes over the second part of Keller’s statement, “…we need to save them.”

Not, “we need to subjugate them” or “we need to treat them like dhimmis”. As arrogant and narrow-minded as Keller sounds, the guy, on some level, appears to actually mean well: he says he wants to save people. Muslim people.

All religions are not the same and this story is an example of a very significant difference with Islam: rather than, “They are going to Hell, we need to save them,” the position of Islam is, “They are going to Hell, we need to send them there by cutting off their heads.”

Very important point: I am not defending Keller, or his narrow-minded views. I am saying, if you think religion like Keller’s is bad, then you are REALLY not going to like living under Islam.

Don’t let all the ranting he does distract you from the one valid point he makes: “Islam is not and has never been a religion of peace.”

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