Opinion: Moratorium on Mosque, Not Offshore Drilling

From, “A Soldier’s Perspective”


This is a guest post from a friend of mine here in Texas named John Alaniz. I ask that you please copy this letter to the editor if you see fit and pass it around through Facebook, Twitter, or email. He makes some great points.

With the moratorium of offshore drilling, we become more dependent on foreign oil, thus strengthening those whom many think desire to reshape America. Now funds are being sought from those countries to fund the building of a mosque near Ground Zero. This has caused a firestorm of debates as Americans are torn by this prospect and the desire to protect Freedom of Religion.

I offer two points: a case be made that Islam is more of a militaristic totalitarian ideology than a religion. Secondly, Freedom of Religion must be protected when it is compatible with other aspects of our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. It is my view based on history and quotes from the Koran that the Nation of Islam is diametrically in conflict with all three of our Founding Documents.

And asking Americans to believe the acts of terror are at the hands of a fanatical few is imply too much to ask while there remains a very long list of occurrences and casualties before 9-11, including the Beirut barracks bombing and the attack on the USS Cole. [CJ note: I would add that the number of attacks by Islamic jihadists has increased since 9-11.]

One final note – this debate rages on while Sharia Law is being introduced to America. Asking America to disregard our Constitutional Republic for Sharia Law is simply too much to ask while Americans understand the blood that has been shed to protect our Constitution and the peace loving Judeo/Christian principles that inspired it.

So, it is my plea that we lift the moratorium on offshore drilling and implement one for the mosque at Ground Zero.

Offered and Written by John Alaniz
Temple, TX

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