If you are not a Muslim you are not innocent – and the guilty should be killed

Imam: “When we say ‘innocent people’, we mean Muslims. As far as non-Muslims are concerned, they have not accepted Islam and as far as we are concerned that is a crime against God.”

So, to all those clamoring for “tolerance” of Islam: are you willing to tolerate people like this man teaching others that only Muslims are innocent? That all other viewpoints are a crime against God?

Is that religious freedom?

Is fighting the growth of Islam an oppression of the freedom of religion, or is it protecting  freedom of religion from the toxic, bigoted, hateful teachings of Islam?

Sure, if those teachings could be taken out of Islam, if it could become a religion that truly is tolerant, that would be fine. We could all live with that. But this group is not content to co-exist, they want to control, take over, dominate.

Those who appear to be moderate may nominally be Muslim, but they are not true Muslims because they have rejected parts of the Koran – the violent, bigoted, hateful parts.

Don’t be fooled by Muslims posturing as “victims” of religious oppression. Islam is not the victim, it is the Bully.

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