Islamist Wins Presidency in Egypt

From OpenDoorsUSA

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood party member, has won the elections and became officially the first president of Egypt after the revolution.
To talk about who may be winning before the result is announced is something, but to talk about it now is another thing.
Deep sadness and fear has shaken the hearts of many Egyptians, including many Christians as well, who have hoped to have a civil moderate president, not a fanatic Muslim one. The reactions vary from one group to another and from one person to another.
It might seem a bit strange to hear Muslim liberals speaking in anger and rejection against the winning of Morsi.  However, it’s quite sad to hear the reactions of many Christians, who are, by now, very devastated, confused and feeling defeated.
The question that is discussed the most today in Egypt among Christians is should we or should we not leave Egypt after Morsi was announced the new Islamist president of Egypt?
Obviously many Christians have left Egypt over the last 18 months, and if not yet, they are moving on with the process.
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