Charlie Hebdo (a French paper similar to “The Onion”) Firebombed over ‘Muhammad Guest Issue’

“The offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French left-wing satire paper similar to The Onion, was firebombed. The bombing was carried out by radical Islamists, who took offense at a weekly issue “guest edited by the Prophet Muhammad” and temporarily renamed “Charia Hebdo”.

However, the bombers could not have actually read the issue that so offended their sensibilities, since the bombing took place the night before the paper was distributed.”

What did they do that was so evil it elicited a violent response from Muslims?

“the French Magazine Charlie Hebdo was bombed for putting a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad aka the Prophet Mohammed on the cover of their magazine Charlie Hebdo.”

Once again the followers of Islam demonstrate:

1. They have no sense of humor
2. They are not “tolerant”
3. They do not follow a “Religion of Peace” but a “Religion of Pieces” (i.e. pieces scattered around after yet another explosion)
4. Their accusations of Westerners being “Islamaphobic” have no merit, because a phobia is an irrational fear, and followers of Islam repeatedly give infidels very rational reasons to be afraid.

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