Muslims Miffed That Catholic University Has Catholic Imagery

by Doug Giles

“Last week I was asked to lend my aging mug and highly attuned smart mouth for a documentary film regarding how the “religion of peace”—via political correctness in the public school system—is anesthetizing our kids to Islam’s malevolence toward all things American.

… no sooner did that week end than a new week began with a fresh ladle of Muslim petulance tossed in America’s face.

It seems that an investigation has been sparked by Muslim “outrage” against a Catholic university (called Catholic University) for being, well, Catholic. Evidently Muslim students feel their human rights have been violated by not getting special digs on campus, minus Catholic imagery, to do their daily prayers on college grounds.

…In the latest installment of how Islam is enacting their not-so-stealthy-any-longer jihad on America via our schools, Muslims are now taking on Catholic University for their Catholic art and imagery that insults delicate Muslim sensibilities.

This is nonsense.

It’s another test to see how far we’ll bend over and take it like Europe has (to their own demise).”

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