A Muslim blood donation drive to promote peace – Wow, that sounds great: positive … but wait …

An organization in Fort Worth, TX is organizing a blood donation drive to promote peace, and honor those who died on 9/11. What a great idea, right? And, wow, look at that – this is a Muslim organization! Isn’t that great? See? All these people who bad-mouth Islam are so narrow-minded, they lump all Muslims in the same box.

I mean, here’s a group of Muslims that are doing very good things:

“After the great on going success of the wonderful worldwide campaign ” Muslims For Peace” , Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has launched a nationwide campaign to honor the victims of 9/11 on its 10th anniversary, the goal is to collect 10,000 units of bloods during the month of September – which can help save 30,000 lives.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the fastest growing international revival movement within Islam with more than tens of millions of members in 200 countries around the globe. The Muslims who believe in Messiah and represent the true teachings of Islam that is Peace, Love and Brotherhood and strongly condemn the so called Jihad(terrorism).

Once again by launching this awesome campaign “Muslims for Life” Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is upholding the true message of Islam and has proved that they truly follow their famous motto ” Love for all, hatred for none”.

Maybe we need to re-think our whole perception of Islam…but wait, look down in the comments section. Evidently not everyone agrees that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is even Muslim! Turns out, “true” Muslims view these peace-loving “Muslims” to be apostates, (making them, according to the Koran, every bit as worthy of death as any other infidel).

luqemahn (signed in using Yahoo):

“if you want to do good works that’s fine. You are NOT within Islam.

this is why true Muslims don’t like you.

You want to say you are good people and then you lie on someone else’s religion. Just call yourselves what you are without shame. You are AHAMDISÃ¥…..or Ghullamites…..you reject fundamental Islam. You reject our base principles.

It’s not about who is good and who is bad. but about who lies and twists things because for some reason you like the word Muslim, but you refuse to follow the orders of the Quran.

Our extreme dislike of you is only a reaction where you insist on lying on our faith. Please stop calling yourselves what you are not.

You are NOT Muslims.

You are NOT within Islam.

You have a new movement that rejects basic Islam while you pretend to honor our books. You are like the Jehovah’s witness who comes knocking and clams Christianity. Your lies only work on ignorant people and if you want to put honesty with your good works, simply quit calling yourselves Muslim.”


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