slanders Christians and excuses Muslims

There is an on-going campaign to demonize Christians and minimize or discount the very real threat of Islam.

One organization that is actively pursuing this agenda is the “news” website,

The message they promote is: Christians are trying to take over the world but Muslims are maligned and misunderstood “people of faith”.

For example, here are a couple of articles from AlterNet:

Inside the Christian Right Dominionist Movement That’s Undermining Democracy

U.S. Right-Wing and GOP Presidential Candidates Spreading Paranoid Anti-Muslim Hysteria as Part of Take-Over Strategy

Slandering Christians with accusations that they are “Dominionist” and mocking any criticism of Islam is a diversionary tactic to distract Americans from the very real threat that Islam poses to American culture.

As one of the leaders of CAIR said, “Islam is not here to assimilate, it is here to dominate”.

A classic ploy of Islamists is to loudly accuse others of the very thing they are doing. As their prophet said, “War is deception.”


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