Democratic Egypt to Ban Bikinis, Beer and King Tut – you call this “Liberty”?

Democratic Egypt to Ban Bikinis, Beer and King Tut

by Doug Giles


“…reporters selling us that smack during the outset of the Arab Spring: “Revolutionaries,” they called the Egyptian dissidents—veritable “mutineers from Mubarak’s mayhem, sick of servitude and longing for liberty, just like Paul Revere!”

…telling us that Egyptian “freedom fighters” were getting rid of that old meanie Mubarak and were headed for a “democracy” in the land of Pharaoh…

… the Muslim Brotherhood started popping up all over the place, gaining control over the “secular” Egyptian military.

…after Mubarak got deposed, the “new democracy” reestablished relations with Iran and Hamas and officially told Israel to blank off.

… this past week the “freedom folks” in Egypt have put forth their liberty legislation that includes:

– bans on bikinis,
– bans on mixed bathing on beaches,
– bans on drinking beer in public
– getting rid of the Sphinx, the pyramids, and other ancient Egyptian archaeological wonders.

Call me weird, but that doesn’t sound like liberty to me.

Radicals hijacked Egypt, and the Egyptians who truly long for freedom—at least as defined by sane standards—are now more SOL than they were under Hosni’s boot.,_beer_and_king_tut

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