Developers behind the Ground Zero Mosque: new plan to build a mosque in same location

The developers behind the Ground Zero Mosque have re-emerged
with a new plan to build a mosque in the same location that
caused such an uproar last year.

And now they are using the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 to
promote a major fundraising goal of the campaign. According
to a New York City news outlet, Mosque organizers seek to
raise $7 million by September 10, which of course coincides
with the 9/11 anniversary.

Ground Zero Mosque organizers are also trying to re-sell
their mosque in kinder, gentler language. But the facts
remain the same: millions of dollars are about to be pumped
into a major Muslim center and now organizers are using
the 9/11 tragedy to promote their efforts.

Please sign the petition opposing the Ground Zero Mosque.
These petitions will be delivered to New York City leaders on Friday,
September 9, and presented by our staff during the 9/11
rally as a show of nationwide opposition to the Ground
Zero Mosque.

Go here to sign:

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