Senegalese Muslim youths burn church, destroy bar

This just in from the “Religion of Peace”

(Yet another example of Muslim “tolerance”. When will the West start paying attention and see Islam for the hateful, intolerant force it is, rather than blathering on about “diversity” and “respect”? Why should we respect an ideology that teaches and condones such actions? )

DAKAR — Witnesses say hundreds of Muslim youths burned a church in a neighborhood on the northern part of the capital.

Mama Faye, 24, says she and hundreds of others on Sunday went to a Jehovah’s Witness church on the fringes of their Yoff neighborhood and interrupted a sermon with rioting. She says after churchgoers left they burned the church. She says they also destroyed a nearby bar.

Faye says riot police arrived and started clashing with the rioters on the streets.

A doctor at a local hospital said at least 37 people were injured in the clashes. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not permitted to speak to press.

Theirno Mbeugne, spokesman for a local imam association, said the head imam had asked the youth to march. He said the imams did not endorse the destruction, “but they do think that the youth had reason.”

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