European Court of Human Rights: Sharia law is “not compatible with democracy”.

“… the European Court of Human Rights ruled … that sharia law is “not compatible with democracy”.

The court made special mention of the sneaky methods used by political Islam to work with the existing legal order in order to replace it with sharia: It is called “takiyye, which consisted in hiding its beliefs until it had attained that goal”.

The court was ruling on a ban by the Turkish Constitutional Court of the Islamist party Refah on the grounds that “democracy is the antithesis of sharia”. Surely Turkey understood the threat of sharia better than most.

The AFIC claim that sharia is flexible flies in the face of evidence across the world that it is not compatible with the fundamental concept that underpins our democracy, that everyone is equal under the law.

As we have already seen in the murderous protests that erupted in the Islamic world over cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, sharia does not allow the sort of freedom of speech we take for granted. Criticism of Mohammed, for instance, is punishable by death.

Women are treated as second-class citizens under sharia, eligible for a smaller share of inheritance, for instance, and unequal when it comes to matters involving marriage, divorce and custody of children.

It’s not “racist” or “bigoted” or “irrational” to say that.”

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