Deporting Millions Of Muslims May Be Necessary – Geert Wilders

“Shariah has nothing to do with Freedom, has nothing to do with rule of law … If we allow it to grow it will cost us our freedom.”

– Geert Wilders

“Holland’s elected law maker Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party says; “It may be necessary to deport millions of Muslims out of Europe.” Wilders also says we need to stop immigration from all Muslim Countries. Geert Wilders is a courageous man, who even after many death threats from Muslims and living under 24 hour security says what needs to be said. Our European culture, freedoms, democracy, laws & values will be gone within a few decades if we do not act now.

We in the UK need people like Geert Wilders in our government. Right now we have apologists who fear political correctness, and as such have no backbone.

Muslims come to the west and multiply, and install their ideals with their increased numbers. They are waging a quiet war until their numbers increase to a point where we cant stop them. They will be in our government, banks, schools, media, etc. When there’s more Muslims, they agitate for separate court systems and special treatment. They take over neighbourhoods (check out no go zones in Europe), and then they cry out for sharia law to be installed.” – mUsLiMsHAVE2faces

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