Imam’s Call to Add Crescent Moon Symbol to Russian Emblem Met With Alarm

“Was it a call to bring the revolts and violence of the “Arab Spring” now sweeping the Middle East to Russia?

That is the question that swirled throughout Moscow when a top imam called for the addition of the Islamic crescent moon symbol to the Russian emblem.

As quickly as the word of the proposal became public it ignited a wave of condemnation.

In his interview, Tadzhuddin said, “We are asking for one of the heads (of the Russian state emblem, a double-headed eagle) to be topped with a crescent moon and the other to be topped with a Russian Orthodox cross. All the crowns on the coat of arms — two on the heads of eagles and one above the middle — are topped by crosses. But Russia has 20 million Muslims. That is 18 percent of the population.”

Tadzhuddin also said that he had presented a sketch of the proposed change to both Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin has not commented on the issue.”

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