Are Muslim dress codes bad for women’s health?

“Conservative Muslim dress codes may be causing vitamin D deficiency in women by limiting their exposure to sunlight, humans’ main source for the vitamin, according to new research.

Scientists had previously found high rates of vitamin D deficiency in Arab and East Indian women living in the United Arab Emirates. A follow-up study investigated the effect of vitamin D supplements on 178 UAE women, many of whom covered themselves entirely, faces and hands included, when outside their homes. Only two of the women did not have vitamin D deficiency prior to receiving supplements.

One of the researchers concludes, “When sunlight exposure … is limited, much higher dietary intake of vitamin D is needed than currently recommended,” particularly for those who breast-feed.

At least one commentator, though, is saying it’s not higher doses of vitamin D that are needed, but rather, lower doses of fundamentalism.”

By P.J. Aroon

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