Egyptian man, Usama Dakdok: “I am 100% pro-Muslim but 100% anti-Islam”

An Egyptian-born man was not allowed to speak at a school after an Ohio school district bowed to pressure from pro-Islamic groups that he not be allowed to speak at an event on school property, because what he had to say was critical of Islam.

Usama Dakdok left the Islamic religion at age 11. He later moved to the US. Dakdok says he is very familiar with Islamic repression, having witnessed it first-hand growing up in Egypt.

According to the Mansfield News Journal, he was scheduled to address an event at the local high school. But the event had to be moved to a private office building following complaints from the NAACP and the Islamic Society of Mansfield.

Using one of their favorite tactics pro-Islamic groups played the “racist” card – which was particularly ridiculous in this case.

“I’m not a white guy! I’m an African. My father and my mother are both Egyptian. I’m 100-percent African,” he exclaims. “So for somebody to call me a racist, that means he is literally stupid.”

The truth, Dakdok said is that those groups labeled him “racist” for wanting to tell the truth about Islam.

The Egyptian-born man explains that he is anti-Islam, not anti-Muslim. “I personally believe there’s no such a thing as moderate Muslims because of the simple fact that there is no moderate Islam. I am 100-percent for Muslims — but I am 100-percent anti-Islam. Muslims are those who are the victims of the religion of Islam, the followers of this wicked cult.”

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