Saudi Arabia is becoming a more open society?

“Islamists know the right things to say in order to gain power. They are sophisticated. They are especially astute at telling Westerners what they want to hear.

I saw this also when I was in Saudi Arabia. Our guide told us repeatedly that Saudi Arabia was reforming and that it was becoming a more open society.

This was the story he sold us day after day.

Never mind that women can’t drive or that restaurants are segregated or that the religious police hit women with a baton if they think they aren’t appropriately covered. They are known to cut men’s hair right on the street if they deem it too long.

My husband had his passport taken away in the airport for wearing shorts, and the authorities wouldn’t give it back to him until he changed.

If a Muslim converts to any other religion, the punishment is the death penalty.

Open society indeed.”

– Kirsten Powers

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