Are “Hate” and “Fear” always bad?

Hate and Fear aren’t very Christian

I recently came across this reaction to a person warning about the dangers of Islam, a well-meaning (but dangerously naive) person said:

“I accept diversity as part of the beauty of this part of the world.

Hate and Fear aren’t very Christian principles and most of this is fear mongering. Freedom of …religion is part of the foundation of this country, so where do we draw the line?

There a lot of people doing good in this world and we should start focusing on that and embracing that.

I challenge you to start posting things about people doing good in the world regardless of their religion. Try it for one month and see how it makes you feel.

Life is too short to live in fear.”


Have you read the Koran? Have you read the Hadiths?

This is an ideology that teaches people to kill those who do not agree with its theology.

You like that kind of diversity? You accept that?

As long as it is sincere and called a “religion” it is OK?

I recently saw photos of two teenage girls who, while on their way to school in the Philippines, were attacked and had their heads cut off by Muslims because they were Christians.

I challenge you to look up those photos, take a long, hard look and then tell me you are OK with that kind of “diversity”.

The men who did that were acting out what they had been told to do in their holy book, the Koran.

Hating people is bad. Hating evil actions and refusing to overlook them is not bad.

Look at what has happened in Pakistan lately: two good men, one a Muslim and one a Christian, who resisted and stood up to those who would enforce a death penalty  on anyone that spoke out against or criticized Islam were murdered.

The murders were based on religious convictions, in the name of Allah. You are OK with that kind of diversity? These killers were devoted men who thought they were doing Allah a favor.

Are you asking us to be OK with that because they were following a religion?

It is not enough for good men to simply do good when evil is slaughtering innocents all around them. Sometimes good men have to stand up to evil.

I challenge you to research the Maori and Morori people, see how it turned out when good, peaceful people simply focused on doing good and talking to violent enemies (hint: they and their families were slaughtered).

If there is a lion in your house it is good to be afraid – or you will be eaten.

Fear is not bad when there is a real threat. In those situations, naive ignorance is much more dangerous.

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