Islam: if you leave, you die. The “Crime” of “Apostasy”

“Said Musa is a former Muslim who converted to Christ about eight years ago. He has been sentenced to die by the Afghan government for the Islamic crime of apostasy.
A spokesman for the so-called Ministry of Justice said, “The sentence for a convert is death and there is no exception.”

This is one of the truly terrible things about Islam: it has no respect for freedom of religion and conscience, precious values for us in the West.

As Congressman Trent Franks and Doug Lamborn wrote last fall, this is a “government that allows the same restrictions on basic human rights that existed under the Taliban.”

Musa is the father of six children, one of whom is disabled, and is himself an amputee, having lost a leg to a landmine while serving in the Afghan army. He had been working for the Red Cross/Red Crescent as an adviser to other amputees.”

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