Here is your “Religion of Peace”!!!

Islam-Ahmadiyya preaches and practices LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE but “pure” Islamists don’t accept Islam-Ahmadiyya as being legitimate, so they persecute them, kill them and burn their mosques.  Why? because the Islam-Ahmadiyya group does not believe Muhammad was the final prophet, so the “pure” Muslims, see the members of this Muslim sect as infidels and to these Islamists, the “unbelievers” deserve death.

JAKARTA, Indonesia — “Indonesia’s president ordered an investigation Monday into an attack on members of a minority Muslim sect after a gruesome video emerged of a mob beating several victims to death with machetes, sticks and rocks.

About 1,500 people stormed a house in Banten province on Sunday to stop 20 Ahmadiyah followers from worshipping.

The most disturbing clip, posted on YouTube, showed assailants repeatedly pounding two victims – who appeared to be dead – with heavy sticks.

A policeman came to the scene but his screams of “stop” were almost inaudible among dozens who shouted “Allahu Akbar” or God is Great.

The Ahmadiyah, thought to have 200,000 followers in Indonesia, are considered deviant by many Muslims and are banned in many Islamic countries because they believe that Muhammad was not the final prophet.”

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