Courts address U.S. ‘honor killings’, Buffalo cable TV executive on trial, accused of cutting off his wife’s head

by Chad Groening

“An author and terrorism expert says two murder trials at opposite ends of the country illustrate that Islamic “honor killings” are taking place in the United States.

On Monday, a trial began in Phoenix, Arizona to address the charges against Iraqi immigrant Faleh Hassan Almaleki’s, who murdered his daughter because he believed she was “too Westernized.” Prosecutors dub the October 2009 incident an “honor killing.” A similar trial convened in Buffalo, New York last week in response to Muzzammil Hassan, the founder of a television network that is aimed at countering so-called “anti-Muslim” stereotypes. He reportedly killed his wife [and cut off her head!] in February of 2009, shortly after she filed for divorce.

Ken Timmerman, a bestselling author who has written on the subject of honor killings, finds it outrageous that Hassan’s lawyer is actually claiming his client is the victim in this case.”

Watch for this classic tactic used by followers of Islam: attack others and then loudly claim that you have been victimized. Oppress others and wail about how your rights have been trampled.

His network supposedly was aimed at countering so-called “anti-Muslim” stereotypes – and he beheaded his wife. Horribly ironic.

You can shave the beard, dress the violent, oppressive teaching of Islam in a suit and tie, but all too often the violent expression of those who follow a violent man explodes to the surface.

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