What happens when you bring a predator into your home to live with you?

Ferret chews off seven fingers of sleeping 4-month-old baby

This is not the culprit. Photo by Mika Hilunen

“​A 4-month-old baby boy lost seven fingers after being attacked by his family’s pet ferret.

I’ll resist the urge to rail against the parents because we still don’t know exactly how the ferret got so close to the infant. What we do know is that the boy’s parents reportedly heard him scream Monday around 2:30 a.m. They rushed into the room where he was sleeping and found him missing all but his thumbs and part of a pinkie finger.

The boy’s father threw the ferret across the room, killing it.”


If you ignore a threat, you often regret it.

Most ferrets do not chew off people’s fingers. We had one as a pet for years (we got rid of it when we had our first baby). They are fun pets, and usually harmless: but they are predators and predators go after the weak and vulnerable. These parents thought the ferret was harmless. By the time they figured out that it was a threat, it was too late: their child had his fingers bitten off.

If you ignore a threat, you often regret it. The father, I’m sure, felt some sort of release in throwing the ferret across the room and killing it, but the child’s fingers were still gone.

I wonder what amount of pain it will take in the US before Americans eventually realize that we have allowed predators into our home? Not all of them are predators of course, but the more we have living among us, the easier it is for the predators to go unnoticed – until they attack our families.

Probably not a good analogy – people are not ferrets, and not all Muslims are predators – but Islam does teach that it is superior and that all others need to (and will) be subjugated. And it is a threat.

You are not Islamophobic if that concerns you – you are paying attention, and you see something that can do very real damage. You have reason to be concerned.

Being concerned about this does not mean you “hate” anyone – anyone who accuses you of that is just using a diversionary tactic to try and shut you up. Don’t fall for it.

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