Fake Bomb, Real Terror: Scare Empties Stockholm metro station

“Authorities were on high alert as the incident occurred less than two weeks after the country’s first suicide bombing.

“It looked like a real bomb. Someone made it to frighten people,” said Stockholm police spokesman Henrik Billestam.

Police described the packet as a object about the size of a milk carton, wrapped with silver adhesive tape with cables connected to a mobile phone.

On Thursday night police completely evacuated the Kungsträdsgården metro station and sent in deminers after a train driver alerted authorities to the possible threat.

The metro station is close to the seat of government in the Swedish capital.

Sweden has been on alert since December 11 when a suicide bomber, strongly believed to be Taimour Abdulwahab, first blew up his car and later himself near a crowded pedestrian street in central Stockholm.

He was carrying a cocktail of explosives and police suspect he may have left the crowd of Christmas shoppers due to a problem with the bombs when he mistakenly set off a small charge while standing in an empty side-street.”


The greater presence Islam has in a nation, the greater the threat to its citizens. The “peaceful”, “moderate” followers provide cover and silent support.

Is the obligation of an Open Society to the safety of its citizens more important than saying, “Yes” to any toxic group that wants to infiltrate their society?

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