Nigerian Villages and Holy Places Are Struck in Deadly Islamic Attacks over the Christmas weekend.

Once again the New York Times, in its cowardly appeasement of Islam, conveniently leaves out the fact that these murderous attacks were carried out by Muslims following the violent directives of Islam, taught in the Koran.

These were not “religiously motivated” attacks – that’s hiding behind a vague, general term. Let’s call it what it was: these were attacks motivated by intolerant, bigoted, hateful Islamic teachings.

Imagine the violent reaction if someone attacked mosques on an Islamic holiday. We’ve seen it before: the outrage, the violence, but it’s OK for them to attack other religions because the Koran teaches them that Islam is supposed to be dominant.

“JOS, Nigeria (Reuters) — Explosions in Nigeria’s central region killed 32 people on Friday, and six people died in attacks on two churches in the northeast of the country, officials said Saturday.

On Friday night, a series of bombs were detonated during Christmas Eve celebrations in villages near the central city of Jos, killing at least 32 people, the state police commissioner said; more than 50 were wounded in the attacks.

In the attacks on two churches, which appeared to be religiously motivated, at least six people were killed in the northeastern city of Maiduguri.

Attackers threw gasoline bombs late Friday at a church in the city, killing five people, including a Baptist pastor. A security guard at a nearby church died in a similar assault.”

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