Chuck Norris on the threat of Islam

“… the despicable precepts of Islamic Shariah law continue to insinuate themselves into Western democracies. It should be noted that Shariah calls for the eventual submission of the planet by means of jihad and subterfuge.

Shariah allows for the execution of apostates, homosexuals, women who commit adultery and people who are the unfortunate recipients of a fatwa issued by an Islamic cleric. The backward system that includes polygamy and child marriages completely contradicts both democratic principles and Judeo-Christian precepts of morality and ethics.

Yet in the same way the Communist atrocities were ignored in the past, much of our liberal elites and liberal governments seem to be giving the Islamic terrorists and the creeping phenomena of Islamic cultural hegemony a pass.

Examples abound but two will suffice to illustrate this point. A liberal judge has invalidated an attempt by the people of Oklahoma to ban Shariah law as a factor in the crafting of American judicial decisions in their state. The judge argued that the ban would discriminate against Muslims.

This illogical decision erodes the separation of church and state, a concept that was once revered by the left. The possibility of Shariah law entering into the American system of jurisprudence, or for that matter any outside legal system, is a troubling development, especially in these times when many judges have forgotten that their function is to uphold the Constitution against all infringements and nothing more.

The other example I will mention, an example that is emblematic of a growing international phenomenon, is a decision that has just been rendered by a judge in Austria who has banned yodeling, an Austrian tradition, because of a complaint from a Muslim who claimed that yodeling is offensive to his religion.

This is an example of a creeping informal cultural dictatorship.

It took a world war to defeat the Nazis and a Cold War to defeat the Soviet Communists. The Islamic terrorists, perhaps learning lessons from the mistakes made by those twin terrorist movements, are now playing a new and potentially more lethal game. It is time to consider the nature of the enemy and to respond accordingly.”

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