Islamic Deception: Islamic website tied to MP’s stabbing resurfaces under new name

Roshonara Choudry (L), the British Muslim jailed for life for stabbing Stephen Timms, identified RevolutionMuslim as an inspiration for her actions Photo: PA

“A radical US-based Islamic website shut down last month after allegedly helping to inspire the stabbing of a Labour MP has resurfaced with a new name.

Younus Abdullah Muhammad, a founder of both sites, told The Daily Telegraph that was the direct successor to which was closed amid the furore over its role in the attack on Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham.

“IslamPolicy will continue with the work of RevolutionMuslim,” Mr Muhammad, a white American convert to Islam, said during an interview in which he called the Sept 11 terror attacks “justified violence”.

He continued: “If loving Muslims that fight and die to defend themselves from Western imperialism make the UK and US governments associate me or IslamPolicy with terrorists, then I am honoured to be so associated.”

Tell me, when was the last time you heard of a Lutheran stabbing someone? or a Buddhist? It is incredible how blind some multi-culturalist, possibly well-meaning but naive folks can be, to ignore the clear link – the clear and present danger – of Islam.

Yeah, yeah, yeah: not all Muslims are extremists. How do we tell them apart? How do we keep them from teaching violent, treasonous poison in their mosques? How do we even know what they are saying?

In the US, they tell us, ““Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque.”

I’m not saying everything the FBI does is perfect, but please, Muslim followers, what do you expect?

If you find the tension uncomfortable here, may I suggest you find a cozy Islamic Republic somewhere? There are many flavors to chose from. You will be much more comfortable – and so will we. In the meantime, don’t whine about “profiling” when there is such a clear link between Islam and violence.

Ah, but I realize you don’t want to find a cozy Islamic Republic somewhere. For one thing, the US and Europe are so much more comfortable, pleasant – reasonable. But even more important to some of you, you are on a mission: the conviction of your faith drives you to expand Islam, raise large families, and shove the kaffur out of your way.

You make no apologies for this because you are convinced that this is your right, because Allah through his prophet has told you. So you’ll put up with some tension, and then whine loudly about what victims you are, how you are being singled out, but this whining, playing the victim, is part of a conscious plan to consolidate and expand your power base.

OK, sure, not all Muslims are violent, that gives us some hope, but the violent ones are eclipsing the silent moderates.

I don’t blame moderates for staying quiet, because if they spoke up they’d probably be killed. They’ve seen it happen many, many, many times before. Plenty of historical precedent for that. See how effective terrorism is? They’ve cowed hundreds of millions of Muslims who reject violence, who skip over the sections of the Koran that call for hate.

Or do they? Are they really against hatred and bigotry or are they quietly sitting back and letting their radical fellow-Muslims do the dirty work and quietly approving? How would we know? Who do they vote for? Who do they send money to? Whose directions do they follow? Where does their loyalty lie? How can we trust them?

So how can they blame us for wanting to minimize the impact and growth of Islam?

They can’t blame us, but it’s irrelevant because what you and I want is irrelevant: we are kafir, “infidels” here to be converted or subjugated. Dominated not accepted, much less respected. Respect for beliefs we disagree with is one of our values. That is not their value, and it is dangerous for us to project that upon them, expect them to act the way we would act. It only blinds us, makes us vulnerable to the deceit they masterfully use, through decades of practice, to promote the worldwide umma.

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