Islam Needs to Earn a Place in the Civilized World

As a civilized man, I am committed to treating everyone with respect and kindness. That goes for homeless people, people whose skin is a different color from mine, people who speak a different language or believe in a different religion -  or who don’t believe in any god at all.

However, just because I treat you with respect and kindness does not mean I will let you take over – and we’re not falling for the ruse that anyone who says anything critical is “hateful” “bigoted” or “phobic”. If your religion is valuable and true, it should be able to withstand criticism.

In civilized societies, you don’t get to threaten or kill people who mock you.

Earn respect. Acceptance into society is contingent on civilized behavior. America is a melting pot, but you’re not welcome if you are unwilling to melt. What does that mean? It means, if you teach your followers to “not make friends” with kafir, with unbelievers, if you indoctrinate your followers with a mindset that keeps them from integrating with our society, we don’t want you here.

That’s up to you, not us.

Build your caliphate somewhere else. We will not be a part of your umma. We’re not asking you to surrender your culture. The Irish came, and became Americans, the Polish came and became Americans, even Africans who were unjustly dragged here as slaves became Americans.

Until you are willing to repudiate the parts of the Koran that advocate bigotry and hatred, that encourage violence, that call for followers to not integrate, not assimilate, then maybe America is not the place for you. Find a Muslim nation. You’ll fit in well there.

Everyone is welcome – but we expect you to behave yourself and get along.

The problem is, Islam does not want to get along. It has a clearly stated goal to take over, and it has a long, bloody history of taking over by force, killing and subjugating people.

In the past Islam has inflicted violent invasions on large areas of the planet. But violent invasions are not Islam’s only strategy. Another strategy is to quietly flood a nation, and then out-breed them until the population of Muslims is large enough to start taking over.

The pattern, if anyone takes the time to look carefully at recent history, is to send immigrants, having them get along, stay under the radar, as a temporary measure while they quietly build up enough numbers to gain the political and financial power they need to take over and make everyone live by their rules.

We need to not let that happen in the US. If we do, we are fools who probably deserve the subjugation we allowed.

It may already be too late. There may already be that critical mass of numbers present in our society. Juan Williams was fired from NPR because of the influence and leverage of CAIR. Already, Muslim politicians are being voted into office (no, I’m not talking about Obama). Soon companies will start changing their policies, bowing to pressure from Muslim consumers.

This is the danger of unrestrained immigration: there is massive power in massive numbers, even if hundreds of thousands of Muslims are “peaceful” their first loyalty is to Islam. They do not feel themselves bound to any pledge of allegiance to the US, their allegiance is to Allah, and when the call comes from their imams to riot in the streets for Allah, they will riot in the streets.

Does that mean we slam the doors on immigration from Muslim nations? Maybe it does. Being open does not mean being open to everything.

Still, we are an open society. For now.

You are welcome to enter the marketplace of ideas, talk about your religion, your God, but you are not allowed to bring your scimitar and start chopping off the heads of anyone who disagrees with you, and you are not allowed to teach others that this is OK. If your holy book teaches that, if your prophet teaches that, don’t expect us to accept or allow it.

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