Open Your Eyes, Sweden

“Sweden, as with many other western countries, is not a society which is tight-knit by a ‘state religion’ or other strong cultural bonds.
This makes them vulnerable, easy prey for guests who shout louder than their hosts and eventually will get their way.
Perhaps Muslims will not get everything, but Halal food is already a fact of life in Sweden and it looks like Sharia Law will push its way to the top.”

“No one did anything to stop the brownshirts in the 1930s in Europe either. This is history repeating itself.
The difference is that this time the fascists are not home grown.
They didn’t storm in with weapons.
They were welcomed in and subsidized.
Europe financed it’s own invasion.”

“It is high time to stop making the fatal mistake of assuming one religion is the same as others. Religions are not the same: some are peaceful and some less peaceful – and then there is Islam that is nothing but pure evil.”

“Now you’ll get to see what it’s like to have your land taken from you.”

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