Leak: Iran used the “charitable” Red Crescent as cover to smuggle weapons

“Wikileaks document shows Iranian Revolutionary Guards helped Hizbullah in 2006 Lebanon War, disguised as Red Crescent officials.

Iran used the cover of the Iranian Red Crescent to smuggle intelligence agents and missiles into Lebanon during the Second Lebanon War, according to a leaked US Embassy cable published on Sunday by WikiLeaks.”


OK, folks, say it with me, one more time: taqiyya. If you are not a Muslim, do not expect a Muslim to tell you the truth. You are a kafir, an unbeliever. Whenever it is expedient, whenever it is to their advantage, a Muslim will have no compunction about lying to you, or deceiving you if they can justify it as advancing Islam.

Understand this: their prophet said, “War is deceit”. Radical Muslims follow their prophet to the point of killing. Even if you are not at war with them, they are at war with you and they will deceive you any chance they get – and despise you for being so stupid.

This is why we can’t figure out if Pakistan is an ally or stabbing us in the back. We are kafir, they are Muslim, they will take our money, jockey for position, but their loyalty is not to us.

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