What is “The Narrative”?

The Narrative is the name given the propaganda campaign that Islamic fundamentalists and extremists use to convince otherwise peaceful Muslims to fight the west and sometimes martyr themselves. Understanding  “The Narrative” is crucial to achieving peace in Afghanistan and to combating Islamic Terror all over the world.

From: Islamization Watch

We have to ask ourselves why are the ‘American-Crusader-Zionist conspiracy’ theories or ‘The Narrative’ – as it is put here – so prevalent in the Islamic world as well as with Muslims in the western world. What we need to do is look at the basis for these ideas – and we might find that therein lies the belief that the west should fall and that Islam should be victorious. If Muslims widely believe this – then the conspiracies and so on are simply layers. Just as with Hitler – these types of conspiracy theory stem from an underlying supremacist ideology.

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