Dutch PM-elect forms govt backed by Geert Wilders, anti-Islam MP

“THE HAGUE: Dutch Prime Minister-elect Mark Rutte on Friday started work to forge a new rightist, minority government that will rely heavily on the support of anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders.

Dutch Queen Beatrix on Thursday night cleared Rutte to form a VVD-CDA government that has 52 seats out of 150 in the Dutch lower house of parliament. He said he hoped to complete the task within a week.

Observers said Friday the new power wielded by Wilders will test the Netherlands’ reputation for multi-cultural tolerance. His influence has already become apparent after he announced last week that a governing pact carrying his party’s support would result in a burqa ban and a 50 percent reduction in immigration.

“Dutch tolerance is waning, it is losing ground,” Free University of Amsterdam sociologist Geert de Vries told AFP on Friday.”


What many seem to miss is this: it is not Geert Wilders who is expressing a lack of multi-cultural tolerance.

The greatest threat to multi-cultural tolerance is Islam. Islam has demonstrated, over and over and over again that it, once it has the power, will not show multi-cultural tolerance.

Wilders is working to preserve multi-cultural tolerance by slowing down the influence of the greatest threat to multi-cultural tolerance on the planet: Islam.

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