Woman stoned for being seen alone with a man

The woman was thought to have been executed because she was seen out with a man

A woman lies tied to the ground as a group of men gather round her, repeatedly throwing stones at her.

She appears to plead for help but despite her cries, they continue to rain stones down on her until she lies still.

Disturbing pictures today released to ABC news purport to show Taliban militants stoning a woman to death in north-west Pakistan.

Stoning is a routine punishment for adultery in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Under the rule of the Taliban however, being seen alone with a man is sufficient crime alone to warrant the death penalty.


Hear that? You can almost hear the crickets, the silence, where are all the Women’s Rights groups? Where is the outrage? Why are they not publicly demanding for accountability? Because they are afraid.

Terrorism works, evidently.

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