Some Americans are still making the mistake of lumping Islam in with other religions

In Sheboygan, Wis., a few Christian ministers led a noisy fight against a Muslim group that sought permission to open a mosque in a former health food store bought by a Muslim doctor.

In Wisconsin, the conflict over the mosque was settled when the Town Executive Council voted unanimously to give the Islamic Society of Sheboygan a permit to use the former health food store as a prayer space.

Dr. Mansoor Mirza, the physician who owns the property, said he was trying to take the long view of the controversy.

“Every new group coming to this country — Jews, Catholics, Irish, Germans, Japanese — has gone through this,” Dr. Mirza said. “Now I think it’s our turn to pay the price, and eventually we will be coming out of this, too.”

Those who use this argument are taking advantage of American openness, good will – and ignorance. The ploy is to lump Islam in with a group of races, ethnic groups, to insulate it from any criticism or responsibility. If anyone points out the hate speech inherent in the teaching of the Quran, they get accused of being bigoted.

Muslims are not like Jews, Catholics, Irish, Germans, or the Japanese, because Islam is not just another culture in the quilt of humanity, it is a system that propagates and incites violence and hate and oppression in the name of their religion, and teaches their children to do the same.

Again: it is not just another religion. It has a very important, clearly stated distinction: its intent is to take over, dominate and subjugate. The Quran advocates violence against Jews and Christians – and any other religion, or pagans, or unbelievers.

That pretty much covers everyone except Muslims.

Americans are used to ignoring religion as either a person’s private business or an irrelevant set of superstitious beliefs – either way, it is not seen as being all that important so Americans don’t much care about a person’s religion as long as it doesn’t interfere with them.

But religion is a driving force for Islam, and as it grows in power and influence, Islam will interfere with every non-Muslim in the country, with no apologies.

If you were not happy with Evangelicals speaking out against abortion, or calling homosexuality a sin, then you are really, really not going to be happy when Islam starts throwing its weight around.

Americans keep making the mistake of lumping Islam in with other religions. It is not the same. It is not just another religion. Muslims would like you to believe that, but it simply is not true.

“A mosque is not just a place for worship,” Nonie Darwish, founder of Arabs for Israel, said in an interview. “It’s a place where war is started, where commandments to do jihad start, where incitements against non-Muslims occur. It’s a place where ammunition was stored.”

Americans are ignorant about Islam and so, when someone says, “Sharia Law is not against the Constitution”, they believe it, because everybody knows that in America all religions are OK. We are a nation of bobble-heads, nodding to every politically-correct preacher of multi-culturalism.

You lock the door to keep thieves out. Islam, when it gets enough power, will take what you have – unless you lock the door. Study, read about what Islam has done around the world. There is a clear pattern and it is deception, violence and hatred.

Not everyone who calls themselves a Muslim acts this way, of course – only those who rigorously follow what is written in the Quran. The quiet ones simply work hard and contribute a portion of their wages to the mosque and the jihad.

Islam has the stated goal of putting an end to religious and personal freedom – obey Allah or die – become a dhimmi. You will see this for yourself if you take the time to actually read the Quran and don’t just take the word for Muslims saying publicly, “Oh, it will be fine. We love America. We love the Constitution.”

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