Taqiyya – the Art of Deception – do not fall for it

“What makes Allah happy … Allah is happy when the kufar are killed.”

If a person is a Muslim, their loyalty is to Islam – any other oath or promise means nothing.

“Yeah, I’m British born, British bred.”

“Are you willing to kill British soldiers?”

“I’m willing to kill British soldiers simply because of the fact that they are engaging in a war that is against my bretheren.”

When a person becomes a citizen of another country, they take an oath. They make a promise. They say they will be loyal.

To followers of Islam, all of those oaths, all of those promises mean nothing: their loyalty is to Islam. They will quietly stay under the radar, they will say whatever is expedient (taqiyya), but their stated goal is not to get along, not to join any society, but to dominate societies, take them over for Islam.

They will use any means necessary: political, financial, cultural, legal. Do not fall for the lies. Want to know the true agenda? Read the Koran. It’s right there.

If freedom is important to you, then you must resist Islam

If religious freedom is important to you, if personal liberty is important to you, then you must resist Islam – or it will overpower you and take over. It is aggressive, it is persistent, it is in this for the long haul.

If you sit back and think it will just work out, you have already lost, because Islam is pushing hard towards its goal.

Every mosque built on our soil – every mosque – is a victory for Islam, a nest for future home-grown terrorists. Or worse, a place to breed and immigrate enough Muslim citizens in order to begin implementing Sharia Law, using our own political system against us.

We think that because no one is flying planes into buildings or blowing up cafes that we’re fine. The threat is more subtle than that. Wars are not fought only with guns and bombs.

The plan is to use our democracy as a means to destroy our democracy. Do you think that’s a wild over-reaction? The United States has elected its first Muslim congressman, voted in by citizens in Minnesota.

How many Swedes and Norwegians do you think would vote for a Muslim to represent them? The numbers are already growing. Investigate what is happening in Dearborn, Michigan. Is that the direction you want your town to go?

We are not Religious Bigots, we are concerned citizens.

Yes, if Muslims were content to read their book, say their prayers, believe in their God, certainly we would allow them to be part of our society – but that is not enough for them. The stated purpose of the “religion” is to take over, to oppress and overpower all other religions until only theirs is left.

Many Americans are blind to it because all they see are little ladies in headscarves pushing grocery carts at Target and it seems strange but harmless.

We think the threat is from men with long beards and AK-47s, wearing turbans and living in their mud houses with their goats – and that is so far away it doesn’t worry us much. We don’t see the threat from the mean speaking with flawless English, clean-shaven, wearing a suit and silk tie.

Americans are vulnerable

Americans are vulnerable because they are ignorant: they do not understand how dangerous and how aggressive their enemy is.

Americans are vulnerable because they are complacent: they are too busy being comfortable, being entertained, to bother with anything that will require getting off the couch.

Americans are vulnerable because they are gullible: a popular TV comedian says something and Americans laugh and believe it as truth. A politician gives a slick, polished speech, sounding articulate, intellectual and reasonable, and Americans believe it without questioning.

Americans are vulnerable because they are only looking at what they see now: a few Muslims at restaurants, at stores (more than there used to see, but still, not that many, really) … but these strange foreigners seem harmless and Americans have a default position of friendliness. Their perspective is “live and let live”.

Islam is harmless – until it gains strength in numbers. Then it is free to implement it’s hateful, oppressive agenda. The leaders of Islam will not hesitate to use the openness and friendliness of America against it, they see it as weakness and another sign of the corruption that Islam will clean out and replace.

This has already been going on for decades. Our politicians, our business leaders, and leaders in the entertainment industry have all been quietly selling us out for years.

It is supremely ironic that some of the same people who are outraged at the intrusion of Christians because they want to protect the lives of unborn babies, or who are outspoken about their conviction that homosexuality is morally wrong, these same people have no qualms, no objections to Islam.

Islam teaches that women should be stoned for not following the sexual rules of the Koran. Homosexuals are beheaded.

And yet, the response to anyone who resists the growing encroachment of Islam is, “Now, be careful, we have to preserve religious freedom.”


This is not about a “Crusade” – but it is about a genuine threat to our way of life.

This is not about advocating or stirring up an “us/them”, “Muslim/Christian” crusade. When indignant Muslim leaders shout accusations of “crusaders” and posture as victims of American “religious bigotry” it is simply another ploy to distract non-Muslims from the real danger of Islam.

It is the fox whining about being a poor, defenseless, oppressed creature when it has its eye on the hen house and blood on its muzzle. “I’m just another living creature, I just want to make a living, I’m just like the chickens, really.”

Every religion is guilty of abusing power and manipulating people in a variety of ways, but as irritating as it may be, religion in America is not even close to being as oppressive as Islam.

To quote Jerry Seinfeld out of context: “It’s like the difference between throwing a bullet and shooting it out of a gun.”

Islam is not just a threat to Christians. It is a threat to Jews, it is a threat to Buddhists, it is a threat to Hindus, it is a threat to Wiccans, it is a threat to Atheists.

It is a threat to anyone who is not a Muslim.

The Koran teaches that non-Muslims have 3 options when it comes to Islam:

1. They can convert, become Muslims themselves,

2. They can become dhimmi, and pay heavy taxes to Islam, or

3. They can be killed.

What many do not know is that according to Islamic prophecies, when their messiah – the Mahdi – appears, then the options for non-Muslims will narrow down to 2: become a Muslim or die.

And many in the Muslim world think the time of the Mahdi is very, very near. Some think he is already here.

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