Media Hype: Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Are Increasing. Statistics: No They Aren’t

Since 2001, hate crimes against Muslims have decreased significantly, according to FBI statistics. After 2002, hate crimes against Muslims have not risen above 13 percent of all anti-religious crimes, and the most recent data from 2008 calculates them at 7.8 percent.

Despite this evidence to the contrary, each year has brought claims by prominent Muslim leaders that anti-Islamic hate crimes are actually growing – with the allegations usually coming right after a terrorist attack or at a time when Muslim leaders are lobbying on political issues.

The percentage of anti-Muslim hate crimes stood at 8.7 in 2007, down nearly 20 percentage points from 2001. By 2008, it had fallen to 7.8 percent.

This is a calculated strategy, one you will see over and over again once you know to look for it: an attempt to garner sympathy by presenting Muslims as victims when, in fact, Islamic leaders are doing everything possible to quietly grab more and more control, quietly build up more and more financial, cultural and political leverage.

This is more taqiyya: deception cleverly used to further the cause of Islam.

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