Ex-Muslims Speak Out Against Islam

“Islam has no joy, Islam is a cult of tears and death.”

“Now many of us attack Islam with a very broad sword, hoping to cause as much damage to it as possible, but my question to you is this:

When you attack Islam, are you sure you are not also attacking those who could be your greatest allies of all: the men, women and children most cruelly affected by Islamic dogma?

Those who, although controlled and misled by the cynical, self-seeking, largely atheist imams and mullahs, are perhaps our greatest hope of helping consign Mohamed and all the hate-mongers back to where they belong: in the history books of the primitive and tribal 7th century.

Make it easier for Muslims to become ex-Muslims – they know there’s no Hell like an old Hell .

Perhaps the most powerful and compelling form of resistance to Islamic ideology is not coming from we non-Muslims (we who have not as yet submitted our thoughts, words, actions and dreams to Islam), it is actually coming from ex-Muslims. And I would like to share with you some of the comments that ex-Muslims have made about Islam.

The 5 slightly abridged comments on this video were made by ex-Muslims on the website of the The Institution for the Secularization of Islamic Society (now part of the Centre for Inquiry website).

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