Rights and Religion in the United States of America

by Q Ball

“There is no provision in the Constitution that says one has the right “to not be offended”. I will defend anyone who wants to burn the Koran, Bible, Torah, American Flag etc.

I don’t think any of those should be burned, but if everyone who tries to do it is intimidated from doing so, then if becomes a de-facto ban, and that I cannot abide.

The violence that would have occurred says nothing about the pastor and everything about the people who would have carried out the acts.

The President, in this interview demonstrated the the desired outcome of terrorism. The terrorists want to change our behavior under threat of attack. The President is afraid of what will happen should an American express them self as protected by the first amendment to the Constitution.

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Jack: I would add that, in relenting from this action because it might “offend” Muslims or “incite” violence, this Pastor is, in point of fact, submitting to Sharia Law. Sharia Law allows no criticism or disrespectful treatment of Islam or the Koran.

By stopping this man, they have enforced Sharia Law – through threat of violence. Welcome to the rule of Islam in America. Not total rule, not complete dominance, but one step in that direction.

First you intimidate and stifle the kufar, you demand and pressure them into compliance with Sharia Law.

You consolidate your power through influence in the media, education and politics.

You build a power base of an ever-greater population of Muslims until you reach critical mass and can openly enforce Sharia Law in every respect.

I’m not saying this is going to happen this year – maybe not even this decade, but it is the direction the US is heading, it is the path Europe has already been on for decades.

We have an aggressive, committed, clever enemy. If we are passive they will continue to gain ground until it is too late.

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