What “Religioius Tolerance” looks like in Pakistan

Non-Muslim brothers falsely accused of blasphemy were murdered while in handcuffs outside a courtroom

One thing most Americans haven’t figured out yet is that small-population Islam, where Islam is a minority, is very, very different from large-population Islam, where Islam is a majority.

While the numbers are low, Islam keeps a low profile, does all it can to look harmless, even kind and generous. The ugliness and brutality only show up once a country reaches a critical mass of Muslims and followers of Islam begin to feel they can safely implement the violent teachings of the Koran with no fear of resistance.

This is why many Americans object to more mosques being built in the US. It’s not because Americans are hateful people, it is because they do not want hateful people moving into their neighborhoods. Or people who teach children to be hateful.

Sure, Americans have their share of idiots who mistreat and disrespect anyone who looks different from them, but overall Americans are still open-hearted, truly generous people who will give nearly anyone the benefit of the doubt – until they are proven wrong.

Here’s a story from Pakistan that illustrates my point about how intolerant Islam is when it has the majority, when the numbers of Muslims are high and the non-Muslims are a minority:

Two Christians shot dead outside Pak court

Lahore: In an incident which highlights the total collapse of security and the rule of law in Pakistan, two Christian brothers, who were accused of distributing ‘blasphemous’ pamphlets, were shot dead outside a court in Faisalabad on Tuesday.

According to reports, two unidentified gunmen shot dead Pastor Rashid Emmanuel and his brother Sajjad, and also left their police escort critically wounded, as they were leaving the court after a hearing .

“Both brothers were rushed to hospital where they were pronounced dead,” The Daily Times quoted a local official, as saying.

Both Emmanuel and Rashid were arrested earlier this month along with some others on charges of igniting religious hatred by distributing sacrilegious pamphlets.

A senior church official in Faisalabad, James Aftab, said that the men had been “implicated in a fake case.”

Did you catch what the punishable-by-death offense was? Handing out pamphlets. Welcome to Islam. Tolerant, peaceful Islam.

Do not believe the taqiyya, the lies, that Islam is a tolerant religion.

Do not believe the protests that Islam is just like other religions, it is not.

Do not believe that Muslims are persecuted victims. People who object to the growth of Islam in the US simply do not want to allow this kind of intolerance and hate crime to become common in America.

Let’s be clear about this, though: the proper response is not to be mean and ugly to the Muslim lady pushing a cart at Costco. The answer is not to spray paint nasty comments on the fence or home of a Muslim neighbor. The proper response is to be a civilized human: kind, respectful, courteous – but very firm in insisting that tolerance must be mutual, respect must be mutual and any influence that teaches people to be intolerant and hateful will be rejected. Period.

We need to demonstrate the very best of humanity in patience and understanding and at the same time demonstrate the strength of resolve to not let that kindness be taken advantage of or used against us.

Earn our respect. Be willing to grow, learn and change.

If you insist on hanging on to ideologies that teach hate and intolerance, even then we  will not go after you, we will not hunt you down and kill you for being different. We simply will insist that you leave our country.

Go your way. Follow your prophet, submit to your god. We don’t want what you’re selling and we don’t want your toxic influence in our country. If you won’t fit in, then please go. Don’t mistake our politeness for weakness.

If you persist in acting in anti-social, violent, hateful ways, you will be asked to leave. Follow your hateful, violent ways in your own country.

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