We are being too trusting, letting ourselves be deceived.

by Citizen Warrior

“On the DVD, Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, you can literally watch what they do. You can see Muslim leaders saying one thing to the western media, appearing to be moderate, peaceful, reasonable Muslims, and then you see the same person saying another thing entirely to their own people in Arabic.


If we didn’t automatically trust, we could see they are intolerant, uncooperative, and even bloodthirsty, and not the cooperative people they pretend to be.

If we pay attention, we will see some Muslims are not mutually respectful. In fact, they actively exploit our well-ingrained respect for other cultures, and use it against us, considering it a weakness they can exploit.”


Jack: Americans do not understand or speak Arabic. This is a powerful advantage for Islam. It can insert itself directly into the heart of the United States, raise its children to be “true Muslims” working toward destroying the corrupt American culture and replacing it with Sharia Law and Islam.

We don’t know what they are preaching in their mosques, and we are not welcome there – unless they think they have a shot at converting us.

Those who object to the ever increasing construction of mosques are not concerned about strange religious practices, we can generously make room for that.

What mosque-protesters object to is a toxic ideology cloaked in religion, using the pretext of religion to build a power base and raise a generation of children with the goal of destroying the very culture that welcomed them in, gave them a home.

This makes every mosque (any mosque – or Islamic “community center”) an ideal hothouse to cultivate and grow Islam, gradually expanding into more and more cities, growing a political power base through sheer numbers, and increasing financial leverage as well – businesses will find themselves bowing to pressure so they will not lose their Muslim customers.

TV shows will be forced to create sympathetic, likable Muslim characters, the media will be pressured into showing Islam in a positive light, down-playing the contributions of other religions or mocking them in its programming.

That day is rapidly approaching.

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