Tolerance and mutual respect is great — as long as it is mutual.

by Citizen Warrior

TOLERANCE AND mutual respect for different cultures and religions is great — as long as it is mutual. When it’s not mutual, then tolerance becomes a self-destructive doctrine. When it is not mutual, one side gives and the other side takes.

Islamic supremacism is religiously-sanctioned intolerance, and many in the West tolerate the intolerance out of a blind multiculturalism. But multiculturalism (respect for other cultures) need not be blind.

All that’s missing is the added distinction of mutuality.

What [do you] do with uncooperative, selfish, self-serving people? A small percentage of the population doesn’t have normal human empathy. The way you deal with these people must be different or you’re just being foolish.

We respect all religions and cultures who do us the honor of respecting ours as well. All others will be treated with less generosity.

Another characteristic of both selfish people and Islamic supremacists is the use of deception.

They pretend to be thoughtful and kind. They pretend to be peaceful, tolerant, and cooperative. They try to fool their victims into keeping their guard down. They pretend in order to gain an advantage.

Orthodox Muslims often try to fool non-Muslims in the same way selfish people do.

They mimic peaceful religious people. They try to act as if they believe what we believe (see the principle of religious deception), and this makes it more difficult to determine whether or not these are cooperators or back-stabbers. But we can apply the same principles we use in our personal lives.

We can watch what they do and see if it matches what they say. We don’t have to automatically trust. Let them earn our trust.

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