Australian-born Muslim religious leader calls called on his followers to chop off head of a Dutch MP

“A Dutch MP says the reported call by an Australian-born Muslim cleric for him to be beheaded is “a very serious threat”.

The Netherland’s largest newspaper, De Telegraaf, is reporting it has a recording of a speech by Feiz Muhammad.

The Sydney-born cleric has gained notoriety for calling on young children to be radicalised and blaming rape victims for their own attacks.

The newspaper says the cleric has referred to Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, as “this Satan, this devil, this politician in Holland”, and has called on his followers to chop off his head because Mr Wilders denigrated Islam.

Mr Wilders has campaigned for the end of what he calls the “Islamisation” of the Netherlands.

He has been under 24-hour protection since 2004, and he says he will be asking why the secret service and anti-terrorism unit did not advise him of the cleric’s threat.

Jack: Once again, just because a Muslim lives in a Western country does not mean they are moderate and have let go of the violent aspects of Islam.

Australia did not change the Muslim cleric. He is encouraging his followers to kill someone for not agreeing with his religion. Is this Freedom of Religion? Americans, is this what you want in your country?

And where does he meet with his followers to spread this kind of violent rhetoric? In a mosque. We don’t want more Muslim intolerance, we don’t want more violent threats, we don’t want followers being encouraged to kill non-Muslims, we don’t want any more mosques.

This is a perfect example of why Geert Wilders is concerned about his nation and the toxic influence of Islam – and why it is not “Islamophobia” to object to Islam intruding into our nation.

They do not play well with others. Islam oppresses those who disagree. It’s not being a religious bigot to refuse to accept this kind of religious oppression.

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