Why non-Muslims who refuse to criticize Islam are submitting to Sharia law.

Concessions = Victory

“Every accomodation non-Muslims make for Muslims moves our culture, our beliefs, and our legal systems one step closer to Sharia law.

The concession itself is the establishment of Sharia law.

Let’s look at an example. Around the world, Muslims react strongly when anyone criticizes Islam. Why? In Sharia law, it is forbidden to criticize either Islam or Mohammad. This is a precept of Sharia law.

Forbidding the criticism of any religion is certainly not a precept of a free society or of Western civilization. This means: To whatever degree Islamic supremacists succeed in silencing our criticisms of Islam, to that degree they have imposed Sharia law on non-Muslims.

Do you know what this means? When the U.S. government stops using words that even imply that Islam might have something to do with terrorism (out of their fear of offending Muslims), what has happened? Islamic supremacists have successfully imposed Sharia law on the U.S. government! This has already happened.”


This is why it is very important for us to not allow ourselves to be intimidated or shamed into staying silent when we see Islam doing offensive things in our culture. Don’t be afraid of people shouting accusations of “xenophobe!” or “Islamophobe!” That is a ploy, a tactic, part of a strategy to subjugate our culture.

Recognize it for what it is: a calculated attempt to bully, shut-up and suppress any objection.

When we allow it, that is not tolerance. It is a concession, an admission that Islam truly is superior.

If Americans are going to avoid the fate of Europe they need to start understanding more about the mindset of their enemy. And make no mistake, Islam is your enemy. The nice taxi driver, or the lady in the headscarf may actually be nice people.

But Islam is still your enemy. It wants to subjugate you if you refuse to submit. There are no other options (other than being killed, converted or subjugated).

So, how many mosques should we allow to be built in our country? Well, how much oppression and subjugation do you want?

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